Meet Your Maker – Pro Tip: Don’t Wall Off Forsaken Tombs

Pro Tip

This is why your outposts hardly get any raids, because if you wall off these tombs which is the main source for material farming, people won’t leave you accolades. Accolades are what determine how many raids you get.

I have 1 outpost with nearly 400 accolades and its had 396 raids since launch with 2,921 kills at the time of this post, its a level 6 outpost.

All my other outposts combined have about 100 accolades between them, about 200 kills, and only 50 or so total raids.

If you don’t want the raider to get the tombs for free then incorporate them into the build and reward the raider with them for solving puzzles or something. But any outpost I raid that walls them off I refuse to give an accolade and will only make 1 attempt to raid it, if I die I leave, not gonna let them farm kills and mats.

Also everyone complaining about kill boxes hasn’t discovered the flash barrier or phoenix pods. The outpost that I have that has nearly 3000 kills appears as an impossible kill box, but it is entirely doable in a single life with 1 strategic use of a flash barrier.

Creators will always be able to eventually beat their own map in a single run if the devs implement that. It might take them 100 tries and finding the perfect timing but thats all it would take is a single clear to get it published, and every map, every single one, is beatable.

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