Meet Your Maker – Tips for Brutal Difficulty

Brutal Difficulty Tips

Killboxes are a pain, but they can crumble easily.

I suggest upgrading yourself before going into Brutal.

My Recommendations:

  • Upgrading your main gun so it has a 3rd bolt
  • Unlocking the Flash Barrier. It lasts like, 4-5 seconds and will make you invincible when standing in it. Better still, any trap that hits the shield (Arrows, Hooks, Pistons) gets destroyed.
  • Co Op is fun! Having two players tackle a Brutal base makes them super easy. Both with upgraded bolts means 6 traps can be destroyed! Allowing you to create a “safe zone” to move to and whittle everything down bit by bit. Better too, if you die, or your ally dies, as long as BOTH aren’t dead, it won’t reset the map. And you can revive your ally.

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