Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout – Beginners Tips

Tips and Tricks for Newbies

  • Just craft some weapons and armors at your alchemy cauldron. You’ll need some ingots for weapons and clothes for armor. If you still can’t do any of these, you have the option do buy it at the port, just go around looking at the stores over there.
  • Also, its a good idea to get used with the elemental mechanics of the game as well. All the enemies have weaknesses that its really useful to learn, I don’t remember if they appear as soon you defeat a single one, but you can check it at you menu’s Guide.
  • Level at this game isn’t that big of a issue, normally, if you can’t progress because of power diifference, its because your gear is outdated.
  • Combat is very fast paced when starting out. Feel free to pause combat at any time using the uh, select button on controller. The item quick action also freezes time.
  • For the most part, regular attacks and skills are awful. This is a crafting game, not a tense tactical experience. The vast majority of your strength comes from crafting powerful items and equipment outside of battle, then overwhelm enemies with sheer strength.
  • Harvest ingredients, work the cauldron, and keep learning all the tricks it has to offer. There’s no need to go overboard on lower difficulties, each new chapter offers more tricks and ingredients to expand your maximum crafting potential.
  • In Ryza 1, your core charge energy and items replenish automatically back at the cauldron. Items are catalysts and do not ever get destroyed in battle; cannibalizing them for a core charge will merely disable the item until you return to the atelier. Be aggressive and reckless with items, even if you blow it all on a single battle.
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