Meet Your Maker – How to Use Grenade Launcher and Traps

The snail strategy was present before, and can be done without the grenade launcher.

Grenade Launcher and Traps Tips

Grenade launcher is weak to traps that are on the ceiling because it detonates a bit after touching a wall, and tends to fall just enough to not hurt the trap.

It is also very vulnerable to ammo eaters because it rolls rather than sticks.

The ammo moving rather than sticking, after using it extensively I can also say that it’s VERY effective in areas that have upward slopes & high vertical walls. Since the ammo doesn’t stay in one place after it detonates, a smart raider can calculate a trajectory that will have their ammo roll right back into their hands after detonation, so terrain is definitely important to take into account when combating demolition cannons. Downward slopes are challenging for cannon users since the ammo will definitely not be coming back & traps placed on the ceiling a couple blocks away from any walls are untouchable by the grenade’s blasts due to the delay from needing to bounce off of something first.


A way I find is to just leave a hole in the floor in front of wall traps maybe use a holocube and to place a boltshot on the ceiling out of sight that way when thy go to retrieve it the shell the boltshot may get them. Works better in open rooms where they can be pressured by guards or sentinels as well.

When placing traps on the ceiling be sure they are at least 1-2 blocks away from the walls otherwise they can bank shot the wall and destroy the trap easily and pistons can sometimes mess up grenades I have done some maps where the builder set up a piston to throw grenades back down a ramp at the raider. But its more of a rng skill check on the raider since it wont push nades that settle on the ground. Only if they are in the air will it push them back.

Things to avoid doing is having traps and guards in close proximity and winding paths.

Mainly because now everyone has unlimited grenades so a big clump of guards/traps or even multiple groups is not gonna be as effective anymore. And with lots of turns in hallways and tight spaces give the raider alot of control if they are not pressured to rush through it.

And just an extra tip is to bait people into using their arc shield early and getting them on the next turn. With the return of the flamewalker mod can make for a good speed runner trap as well.

An example would be a 4-5 block hallway with 2 turns in it with an incinerator at the end of both turns with a acid pit or some other kind of pit (its main goal is to prevent nades from working as well) in front of it. Pistons in the way as well, with a flamwalker warmonger or two around each corner, or not right on the corner for one turn. Or both since grenades may get them there.

You also may need to set up a room that they cant linger in and take this hallway slowly as well. With lets say a few sentinels or sentry beams on the ceiling that cant be taken out with the cannon with a few guards to add some extra more responsive pressure.

Note: oh and if grenades are you big problem placing all the pistons in the hallway on the ceiling may help to limit the amount getting destroyed.

Its nice because this can all be made for about a little over 1000 points. Or more depending on how hardcore you go on the lead-up room. It still leaves you with spare points to do whatever other schemes you can think of.

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