Meet Your Maker – How Does Prestige Work?

This short guide explained how does prestige works.

Prestige Explained

The capacity increases each time you prestige. You can prestige up to 10 times at which point it becomes Mastered and can only be played through Social raids. The downside to prestiging early (before you run out) is that you miss out on potential extra raider kills.

Understanding Prestige in Meet Your Maker

The Prestige system in Meet Your Maker closely ties to outpost-building. To start progressing, players must build and activate their first outpost by claiming a Burial Site at the Command Center.

Initiating Outpost Building

At the Command Center, navigate to the Build tab, and claim a new Burial Site. Choose from the provided options and check the Outpost Status in the game menu. For Prestige progression, the outpost must be in Active or Overdrive status, enabling raiding.

Accumulating Prestige Points

Defeating invaders and earning accolades accumulates Prestige points. Smart outpost design minimizes raiders’ success, aiding in point accumulation. Upon banking sufficient Prestige points, players can upgrade the outpost using Synthite, with higher Prestige levels demanding more Synthite.

The Importance of Prestige in Meet Your Maker

Raising Prestige enhances outpost build capacity and awards experience points to players. Strategic investment can transform even modest Burial Sites into formidable outposts, boosting defenses against invaders. Additionally, increasing an outpost’s Prestige grants a 15% bonus on the GenMat pool, sustaining the player economy.

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