Meet Your Maker – Dungeon Tips

Tips for Dungeons

Tips only for beginners:

  • Don’t build kill boxes. Really don’t build kill boxes!
  • You don’t lose your own resources when players destroy the tombs, traps, guards or collect the Gen Mat.
  • Well, there’s no need to block graves.
  • You can block bolts with a sword swing.
  • You can also pull yourself to guards with the grappling hook.
  • You restart your outpost by leveling it up.
  • If you keep the mouse button pressed while building, you can quickly build large areas.
  • The little collector with the red box won’t hurt you. There’s no need to bully the poor little guy.
  • Be fair and don’t forget to thank the creator for their efforts with a vote.
  • Devices are insanely useful and you’re leaving lots of power on the table if you don’t buy them.
  • Builders are not entitled to votes.
  • You can restart a raid without dying if you don’t like the way it’s going or wasted valuable ammo.
  • Plan on picking your ammo up after you fire it to maximize your ranged resources (unless you’re a double-melee chad).
  • Co-op raiding totally trivializes the entire game.
  • Guards can patrol and the main reason to not make them patrol is to reduce footstep audio.

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