Grounded – Starter Tips

Several tips for new players.

How to Start (No Spoilers)

The game is pretty freakin sweet, and so is the neeb’s crew.

Non-spoiler tips…well, I would suggest playing until you reach the lab in the tree before trying to build a base because that’s how you unlock floors. Picking up the robot, putting the first chip you see on the ground next to him inside him, then it’ll say something like “I want to buy something with science” or some ♥♥♥, click on that and purchase the multi level building.

The second tip is kind of a recommendation for a base location but right by where the guys first set up. Actually in between the great tree and the pond, just up the hill from the juice box and right next to the soda can.

There’s the end of a fence and that last pole on the fence I find is priiime real estate in my opinion because you can get on top of it pretty easily (just build a staircase or two and maybe a couple floor pieces). And it’s away from pests stealing your stuff like ants and is (mostly) out of reach of the predators. It’s a good starter base anyway.

The web water catcher thingie is so ♥♥♥ useful, as well as the canteens, as well as better torches /or the headlamp if you can manage it.

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