Lies of P – Heavy Weaponry Tips

Tips to Use Heavy Weapons

Heavy weapons stagger alot and fable art in this game cost no stamina and recharges stamina during fable art, so attack – block – attack – block – attack – fable art should make enemies staggerable then charge heavy probably.

I use bone-cutting sawblade + exploding pickaxe handle. It’s medium slow weapon, but the reach is far. Early on I used normal str starting weapon because I was getting used to parrying and handle on that weapon gives you auto parry fable art.

If the weapon you used is too slow, set Aegis to your left arm and upgrade it to rank 1 to get “Guard Attack” ability, that is a special arm for heavy blunt weapons.

The attack speed of your heavy blunt weapon will be much faster than you can expect during guard attack, besides you are able to block the attack from enemy at the same time just like a super armor.

One more thing, there is no true str or dex build in this game, it was a lie in tutorial.

The most important state is capacity, the amulets give more increase of damage than what you can get from str or dex, however they are very heavy.

Good news, you will never get a cap from capacity until 100.

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