Guild Wars 2 – Beginners Tips

Tips for New Players

  • Don’t be shy to ask other players ingame. GW2 has a reputation of having one of the most new player friendly communities in the genre.
  • If you want to try out classes, you can use the PvP lobby. Within there you get boosted to 80 and see all the skills at once. Just be prepared to be a bit overwhelmed and don’t do theorycrafting right away, since there are some adjustments to the skills within the PvP context.
  • If you already played other MMOs: Don’t expect this game to be the same. GW2 was designed to be different in many ways back when it was released, and while some of the formerly new takes are common now or have been reworked, there is still quite some stuff that works differently.
  • The most common challenge new players may face is to learn setting their own goals. GW2 allows much more freedom in what you want to do, although there are some tools to help you navigate the world:
    • Adventurers Guide grants a ton of XP and allows you to level up fast. If you don’t understand the objectives listed: See 1.
    • Hearts and Scouts are there to guide you to interesting places. You don’t have to complete a heart right away though. You can always come back and finish it of later if you don’t like the tasks assigned. If you complete dynamic events in the area of a heart, it also contributes to the heart progress – so don’t neglect them.
    • Personal story (green star) opens a new chapter every 10 levels. This is to allow you to have some time for exploring the open world.
  • Don’t glue yourself to one of these guidelines. Allow yourself to get distracted and follow your curiosity.
  • You have a waypoint in every starter zone. Don’t like the zone you are in? Try another one!
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