Lies of P – How to Parry

Useful Tips for Parry System

The mechanism is slightly different from titles like Elden Ring, DS or Sekiro. Just some personal tips:

  1. Look at the arm, not the weapon: do not aim for the moment when the weapon will hit you. Rather press the block button when the arm/leg/tentacles/head starts moving towards you. Be aware though, most swings are delayed or, they swing the weapon twice over their head before deciding to hit you. So, you gotta learn the attacks.
  2. For some attacks, it’s better to dodge: a classic example is those corpses running at you, pausing for a sec, and then slashing you. The slash is so fast, that there is barely enough time to react to parry it. Unless you get the timing down. That won’t be the case for most other attacks. You can clearly see it coming and react.
  3. Press and hold the block button, then tap for consecutive attacks: unlike in Sekiro, where you used to tap the block button at the correct time, here you have to press and hold it for like 0.5 seconds. If there are follow up attacks coming, you can let go and press it back again. That is, whereas in Sekiro, you would have the button unpressed and then “tap and release” back to back to parry multiple attacks, here, you hold the block button down and “release and press” back to back.
  4. Don’t attempt to chain dodge: While in other fromsoft titles, you can kinda dodge infinitely and chain together dodges, here, you can dodge at most twice (with the link dodge p-organ) update. This is to prevent panic rolling that we are so used to. If you hit dodge twice in quick succession, you have to wait for the second animation to finish completely before you can act. So be careful of attempting to panic roll. Other than that, the window for dodging is very similar to that of parrying. Look for the arm, not the weapon.
  5. Don’t always dodge towards the enemy: Dodging consumes quite a lot of stamina in this game. While in Elden Ring and DS games you are encouraged to roll into an oncoming attack, it does not work out so well in lies of p. That is because, the enemy has a combo of attacks, and if you dodge twice towards the enemy, you are stuck in animation for like a whole second (costing you half of your HP). Don’t use dodge to land hits on the enemy (unless you know that was the last attack in their combo). Rather dodge back or left-right to avoid attacks.

Some closing remarks. Lies of P is a game where none of the three mechanisms (dodging, blocking and parrying) are self-sufficient. Rather, you have to use all three of them to make the game easy. In Elden Ring, I used to completely rely on dodge alone. But that’s not something you can do here. All three mechanisms have to be used at the correct time. Don’t feel forced to parry every single attack perfectly. It’s better to just run away from certain combos. Similarly, in some cases, it is actually better to roll towards the enemy, rather than away from it. The trick is to figure out when to use what.

Good luck friend; hope this helps.

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  1. You just have to practice to get the timing down. From my own experience, pressing and holding the button later than you’d think you normally should is usually good enough to get the perfect guard.

    Now perfect guarding fury attacks is much harder, because unlike Sekiro – where the kanji symbol would start to fade (indicating when you should jump or press O for a Mikiri Counter) – Lies of P doesn’t really have anything like that. In most cases, if I can run away from the fury attack, like with shovel bot, I just do that, then rush in for a heavy attack.

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