Lies of P – Laxasia Boss Tips

How to Defeat Laxasia Boss

  • Perfect guard all lightning bolts, they deal damage to her instead of you.
  • Change your P organs and levels just for this one signle boss fight so you can beat it. redistributing your strenght accordingly to current situation is a tactic.
  • Dont forget to change your gear to increase resistance your the bosses attacks, including defence against slash damage.
  • Check on the internet if you havent missed some defence parts from venigni collection boxes.
  • Use aegis shield, helps a lot.
  • Use special grinder to reduce tthe damage you take while guarding by 50% (it’s the yellow special grinder)… or use the purple one to perfect guard all attacks for a short while.
  • Use p organ to have 2 uses of special grinder, and another to increase their duration.
  • Use the P organ the speed up the cube’s use animation so you can use it effectively in battle.
  • Use the specter.
  • Use the cube’s wishtones that make specter stronger, draw attention from the boss or any that you prefer.
  • Abuse a glitch exploit. equip Aegis shield arm. In fight: Hold legion arm button, spam perfect guard button. The glitch is: all attacks are perfect guarded for as long as aegis shield is active and perfect guard button is being clicked fast enough.

I personally recommend talents to take less damage while dodging, and all of the talents that make you stronger when you’re discharged. That way when you run out of heals, the fight doesnt end.

It begins. (And prefer ammount of health restored by single cell, instead of increased number of cells).

Good Luck!

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