Melvor Idle – Birthday Mode Tips

Tips to Beat Birthday Mode


Melee only, going for Ranged or Magic will be even more tedious, since you have no skills to create such items, working to kill enemies for ammo & runes entirely will already be a time consuming thing, on top of the RNG drop chances

Castle of Kings is usually the first place to start, once you get enough combat stats to deal with the Steel Knight which drops Steel Weapons & Armor and has a higher drop rate chance to obtain than any of the other Knights, Black Knights are really rare but possible, Mithril and up will vary

Then don’t forget about Slayer, your starting Slayer level will allow you to kill the Mummy in Penumbra Slayer Area, which you can opt to use the “Silver Topaz (Attack) or Silver Ruby (Strength) Necklaces which would be more bonus than the Strength amulet if you didn’t know, but I opt for the Topaz for the accuracy to hit, then the Gold Emerald Ring to help get your combat stats up faster

As you reach Level 30 Slayer, you can fight the Valkyrie in the Slayer Area “Holy Isles”, which will opt to allow you to get all the Base Game Rune Weapons, including the Scimitar & the Rune 2H Sword for Strength Training

Best Weapon to Use – Need 40 Attack

The Elerine Spear which will help immensely is located at the Elerine Battlegrounds and from the enemy named Elerine Warrior the best benefit is when it hits, your attack interval will be decreased by a percentage, stacking up to 5 times, making you attack faster each successful hit on the enemy, with 1 HP of course it’s a weapon that will help defeat all the enemies faster and still maintaining decent damage, of course leveling up your Strength will also help eventually just don’t forget to use a Scimitar or Rune 2h.

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