Knights of Honor II: Sovereign – Cheat Codes (Console Commands)

Here are instructions for some of the in-game console commands for anyone who wishes to cheat or modify their experience without the use of mods.

How to Enable Console

To get started you will need to do the following:

  • Right click on game shortcut.
  • Add –ForceEnableConsole parameter.


“installpath\Knights of Honor II Sovereign\Sovereign.exe” –ForceEnableConsole

To make console work, you might need to start the game as administrator or launch the console from the game’s interface (before loading or continuing the mission).

When playing, turn on the console using the Tilde Key [~]. (On a german keyboard layout you have to press Ö to open the console.)

Console Commands (Cheats)

  • cl – display current cheat level.
  • cl high – set cheat level to high / use this first.
  • gold [value] – set player kingdom gold.
  • piety [value] – set player kingdom piety.
  • books [value] – set player kingdom books.
  • add_units [value] – add units to selected army.
  • kk – kill current king / players king.
  • add_child – it looks id adds just baby boys.
  • co – change opinion (name, amount).
  • del_opportunity – delete opportunity from selected character.
  • add_challenge – add challenge to the player kingdom.
  • new_rumor – add new rumor from seleted character.
  • new_rumors – add new rumors from seleted character.
  • add_units – add units to selected army.
  • ai – enable / disable all AI.
  • kai – enabe / disable selected kingdom AI.
  • tkai – enabe / disable tracing for selected kingdom AI.
  • bai – enabe / disable battleview AI.
  • rai – enabe / disable rebel AI.
  • income_mul – set gold income multiplier.
  • give_gold – give gold to selected kingdom.
  • give_piety – give piety to selected kingdom.
  • give_books – give books to selected kingdom.
  • cc – change the class of the selected character.
  • age – make selected character grow up soon.
  • prestige – add prestige to selected kingdom.
  • fame – add fame to selected kingdom.
  • fame – view selected kingdom’s fame.
  • max – level up selected character to maximum using all skills (1) or random skills (0).
  • cr religion name – change selected kindom religion.
  • crr – change selected realm’s religion.
  • spawn_pop [number]– spawn population in the selected realm.
  • recall – recall selected character to court.
  • imprison – imprison selected character in the kingdom.
  • unprison – free the selected character from prison.
  • kill_prisoners – kill all prisoners in local player’s kingdom.
  • ao – force action outcome.
  • nce – new cardinal elect from the selected kingdom.
  • nc – new player-led crusade against selected kingdom.
  • poc – set player-only crusade leaders.
  • build [name] – build a building / upgrade in selected castle.
  • apf – add a province feature to selected realm.
  • add_opportunity [name] – adds an opportunity for the selected character.
  • kill – kills the selected knight.
  • conquer – conquers the selected kingdom.
  • upgrade [name] – adds an upgrade in selected fief.
  • fow 0 – remove Fog of War.
  • spawn_pop [number] – add amount of pop to a selected town.
  • sa – spawn army.
  • sm – spawn mercenary.
  • switch – switch to selected kingdom.
  • sub [number] – makes the selected kingdom a vassal (1) or independent (0).
  • cal [number] – makes the selected kingdom a caliphate (1) or non-caliphate (0).
  • conquer_rest – conquers all kingdoms except the selected one.

With cheat level set to high (cl 3):

  • insert key – inserts a friendly knight with an army under the cursor, not in towns.
  • delet key – deletes any selected army and knight on the map also your own, not in towns.
  • win 0 – win any selected sieges or battles.
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