Knights of Honor II: Sovereign – How to Start with Single Province

Here you can find some tips for better start with single province in Ireland as example.

Single Province Tips

  • Single province is for sure the hardest start, Its a slow burn and takes along time to build up.
  • I would go Village Militia, crop farm, and have 2 marshals to take over the single provinces in Ireland and worry about building your economy after.
  • 2 full marshals with peasants or militia will win, its just the siege which will take the most time.
  • Start with your king as a Marshal as well, getting 3 star skills straight away will help.

In general I always get a merchant to trade a diplomat to stop anybody attacking me to early, and build peasants.

  • Find small kings with 1 or 2 provinces and take them as soon as i can with my peasent horde.
  • By the time you do that, your diplomat will have improved relations with the boardering kingdoms to negate the -relations for taking territory. Then build a barracks to get a decent army to defend.
  • If your province doesnt start with the best settlements just restart and hope you get better ones.

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