Knights of Honor II: Sovereign – Beginners Tips

Tips for New Players

  • Get a stack of peasants, marshal king and pray for iron will skill (or something like that).
  • Kings get their skills at level three so it doubles the loot value.
  • Actual loot value is dependant on settlement value (buildings in town that upgrade it, how much resources it produces) but 1-1.7k gold per raided settlement is decent.
  • Multiply that by 6 settlements in a province and you got yourself a startup fund.
  • Just don’t do that in real life or you will end up a multibillionaire under government protection with prosecutors trying to go after your crimes getting fired for it.
  • And you wouldn’t want such a terrible fate to befall you now would you?
  • Also raiding settlements counts as winning battles so it makes your army like you.
  • Plus it replenishes supplies, and the only other way to do that is to go back to one of your own towns and spending gold on it.
  • Peasants like the conquering of settlements (for some reason).
  • Try to keep about 1k gold in treasury in event of a royal child being born, it lets your throw a feast which makes peasants happy and they (plus clergy) are in my opinion both most important to be happy and most difficult to make happy.
  • If you see a country at war you can join the war and camp their territory, once you see an ai army from the other kingdom also attack their lands move to siege the city. Chances are the ai will join your siege, especcially if there is nothing else to do (all settlements looted, no other towns to siege).
  • Don’t use marshalls to break discontent (it kills your foreign relations), use a cleric instead, it’s a lot more expensive and can still fail (but it is savescummable, you didn’t hear it from me though).
  • You can recruit peasant mobs and keep them in your town garrison for an emergency just watch out or that 1 food upkeep will ruin your economy.
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