Honkai: Star Rail – Guide to Jing Yuan’s Team Comps & Role (The King of AoE DPS)

For players who have obtained Jing Yuan, the most crucial aspect they would like to know is how to maximize the potential of this “Best Lightning AOE” character. Now, let’s delve into the team-building strategies for Jing Yuan and explore the situations where his abilities can truly shine.


Currently, Jing Yuan is the only 5-Star Lightning Type character that walks The Path of Erudition.

In terms of skills, Jing Yuan’s Basic Attack deals Lightning DMG, while his Skill and Ultimate both consist of multiple hits of Lightning AoE attacks.

In addition, Jing Yuan can summon a “Lightning-Lord” during battle. It is an independent ally unit that is not physically present on the battlefield. It silently accumulates heavenly Lightning power during combat and releases it explosively when taking action, resulting in devastating output.

Jing Yuan’s Skill and Ultimate can increase the Lightning-Lord’s Hits Per Action and SPD. To some extent, Jing Yuan can be seen as an accessory or support for the Lightning-Lord.

So, in order to unleash Jing Yuan’s full potential in terms of DPS, it heavily relies on the efficiency of the Lightning-Lord’s appearance in actual combat.

It is known that the higher the frequency at which Jing Yuan releases skills, the faster the Lightning-Lord can reach its maximum output limit and appear in battle. When building a team, we can focus on the point of “using his Skill and Ultimate as frequently as possible”.

Team Comps

If we are building a team around Jing Yuan as the core, we can choose the traditional comp of “Healer + Tan-k + DPS + Support.” Alternatively, we can push the limits further with “Healer + DPS + Support + Support.”

For the Support position, one crucial choice would be Tingyun.

Tingyun is the most commonly used Support in the current version, as her Skill can increase the DPS’s ATK and help her ally deal with additional Lightning DMG. Tingyun’s Ultimate not only regenerates Energy for a target ally and increases the target’s DMG.

With proper speed, she can help Jing Yuan perform two Skills and one Ultimate before the “Lightning-Lord” takes action, ensuring the Lord reaches its maximum number of attacks and significantly increases the overall DPS.

To increase the team’s speed, you will need another Support.

For the second Support, you can consider using E1 Bronya, equipped with her signature weapon. With her Skill providing action chance and DMG boost, she can help Jing Yuan’s Lightning-Lord reach maximum Hits Per Action. Additionally, her Ultimate enhances ATK and CRIT DMG, further boosting Jing Yuan’s damage potential. However, it’s worth noting that without the signature weapon and E1, maintaining a smooth skill rotation for the entire team might be challenging, so it’s not recommended to use her in that case.

Apart from Bronya, Asta is also an excellent choice. On one hand, her Ultimate can increase the SPD of the entire team, making the skill rotation smoother. On the other hand, she can boost the ATK of her teammates through her Skills, without competing for the Skill Points with Tingyun and Jing Yuan.


Indeed, Jing Yuancan be considered as the most versatile DPS in the current version.

In the realm of Simulated Universe, Jing Yuan can help you pass World 3, 4 and 6 with his noble Lightning Type, explosive damage output, and DMG done to adjacent enemies. After all, whether it’s Svarog, Gepard, or Cocolia, all three of them are weak to Lightning and rely on summoning units, which Jingyuan can easily overcome.

As for Kafka from World 5, due to the absence of a weakness to Lightning and the lack of reliance on summoning units, as well as conflicting weaknesses with the conventional team comps for Jing Yuan, the efficiency of tackling Kafka will be relatively lower. Success will depend more on the overall Blessings.

Please note that before Jing Yuan’s attributes are fully developed, one can consider the “Hunt” path to quickly summon the Lightning-Lord when playing the Simulated Universe.

If Jing Yuan’s Relics and sets are properly enhanced, one can choose the “Elation” path, which allows for further explosive DPS.

Regarding Relic dungeons, Material dungeons, and the Forgotten Hall, Jing Yuan can easily brute force the enemies without considering the weakness.

That’s all about this Guide to Jing Yuan. I wish all of you can get him. Good luck!

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