Persona 3 Portable – Strength & Fortune Boss Fight for x10 Infinity

Strength & Fortune Boss Fight for x10 Infinity: A More Consistent Method

  • Make sure your teammates are not maxed out. They need to die.
  • Bring Mitsuru, Koromaru and Junpei (they can be very weak for this, as the person I read this from had allegedly left them around level 40. Mine were level 70)

Basically, allow your teammates to die. The trigger for the x10 infinity definitely appears death based(as everyone who has gotten the drop has mentioned teammates dying). I let Mitsuru die twice to strength before I was unable to revive her. And had koromaru purposefully die to a wheel explosion. Then it was down to me and Junpei, and Junpei died a few turns before I took out Fortune.

On my first try, I got the x10 infinity drop after grinding the boss for hours. Which was a completely different outcome from the many runs I did with no character deaths.

I believe the trigger definitely is character deaths. But it also could possibly be simply not using Aigis, Yukari or Akihiko(it would have to be tested). I never had success when none of my characters died: so allow your characters to die if you can comfortably do so, and leave them dead if you want.

You should be able to get x10 infinity this way. But it may be random chance despite this. I did get it first try doing this though. :puppet_billy: And so did the person who posted this method. So there is definitely a trigger in it somewhere.

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