Honkai: Star Rail – Tips for New Explorers

Beginners Tips

  1. Try to get to Lv.15 as soon as you can

At lv 15 you can start your daily misson, so I think is best to not waste anyday, especially with F2P player. 60 gems a day ain’t seem much, but it’s honest work.

  1. Spend your energy wisely

Know your priorities. You don’t have much at the start, so I think is good to use your stamina on the right thing. For each role/element you will only need 1 character, so try to stick with them and maximize their power. (Also having a healer will help you to have easier overall experience with the game).

In theory of course invest the one you wanted to.

  1. Explore maps, get chests, hunt space

Monster will be reset daily so buckle up and mow them down. You will need material for converse anyway. Little give you 60 gem so don’t let them get away.

You are not as rich as asta, so keep workin.

  1. Don’t farm Artifacts

Until you reach 40, I think is unnecessary to waste your energy on it. Since exploring map can give you enough artifacts to use until you can farm for the gold one.

But who am I to judge if you farm eh…

  1. Check your inbox frequently

Since side quests always come from it, remember to read all the messages when it appear.

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