Honkai: Star Rail – Complete Jing Yuan Build (Best AoE DPS)

Today, let’s dive into Jing Yuan’s guide and learn how to use him wisely!

Jing Yuan: Battle Mechanics

As a general of the Xianzhou Luofu, Jing Yuan is a Lightning Type character that walks The Path of Erudition.

On the battlefield, he wields his sword, the “Starfall Reverie,” to personally engage in combat and eliminate enemies. Additionally, he can summon the Lightning-Lord and unleash the magnificent power of Lightning to annihilate his foes. According to the game lore, he can even destroy a planet.

However, the true power of General Jing Yuan lies primarily in the summoned entity known as the Lightning-Lord, rather than his individual strength.

The Lightning-Lord is a divine presence bestowed upon Jing Yuan by Reignbow Arbiter. It is an independent ally unit that can be summoned during battles.

During battles where Jing Yuan is involved, the Lightning-Lord will appear in the top-left corner of the action bar and automatically attack enemies when its turn comes, dealing Lightning Follow-up damage.

Regarding this skill, its damage multiplier is extremely formidable, reaching up to 720% at max level, making it the highest in the game. It serves as the core of Jing Yuan’s damage output, so it is crucial to prioritize upgrading it.

As for Jing Yuan herself, he can enhance the damage and speed of the Lightning-Lord by utilizing his Skill and Ultimate.

In other words, the more frequently Jing Yuan uses his skills, the more frequently the Lightning-Lord can be summoned, resulting in higher damage output per action!

So, after prioritizing the upgrade of his Talent,” it is advisable to enhance Jing Yuan’s Skill and Ultimate. These two skills have a high battlefield coverage, whereas normal attacks are not necessary to enhance since they don’t provide any assistance to the Lightning-Lord.

Jing Yuan: Recommended Light Cones

As for the optimal weapon, the best choice is undoubtedly the signature weapon “Before Dawn.

It perfectly complements Jing Yuan, providing not only a significant boost to CRIT DMG but also a unique effect that enhances his follow-up DMG.

If you haven’t obtained the recommended weapon from the banner, alternatives such as “Night on the Milky Way,” “The Birth of the Self,” or “Today Is Another Peaceful Day” can be used. Each of them can elevate the damage output of the Lightning-Lord in different ways.

For Relic choices, I highly recommend the combination of “Insert Salsotto” and “Sizzling Thunder.”

The reason for choosing “Insert Salsotto” is that it provides Jing Yuan with CRIT Rate while offering an additional 15% damage boost to his Ultimate and the Lightning-Lord’s follow-up attacks. These are the crucial attributes that Jing Yuan greatly benefits from, making it a tailor-made choice.

The reason for choosing “Sizzling Thunder” is even simpler. Firstly, the Lightning damage boost can increase the damage output of Jing Yuan’s Basic Attack, Skill, Ultimate, and Talent. Secondly, ATK is a fundamental damage stat, and a 20% boost can significantly increase his damage potential.

For the main stats on Relics, I recommend selecting the SPD shoes. Since the more actions Jing Yuan performs, the more explosive the damage from the Lightning-Lord becomes.

As for the Body, you can choose either CRIT Rate or CRIT DMG based on your specific needs. As for the Sphere, prioritize Lightning DMG boost. And use ATK% Link to increase base ATK.

In terms of sub-stats, the top priority for Jing Yuan would be CRIT Rate. It is recommended to reach at least 50% to effectively trigger the effect of “Insert Salsotto.” Following that, prioritize CRIT DMG, ATK%, and Speed.

Jing Yuan: Recommended Team Comps

For team comps, the goal is to enhance the performance of the Lightning-Lord and unleash more maximum Hits Per Action.

You can include characters like Bronya, Tingyun, or Asta in your team. Each of them has different roles and effects. Bronya, for example, can provide Jing Yuan with an extra action, allowing him to use his Skill more frequently, benefiting the Lightning-Lord.

Tingyun can recharge Jing Yuan’s Ultimate, increasing the speed of the Lightning-Lord. Asta, on the other hand, can improve Jing Yuan’s speed through her Ultimate, enabling Jing Yuan to use his Skill more times.

Regarding these three Support characters, you can consider using a team comp consisting of Bronya/Tingyun + Asta + Shielder/Healer + Jing Yuan.

It’s important to note that if you include Bronya in your team, you must ensure that Jing Yuan’s speed is higher than Bronya’s. Otherwise, it may lead to awkward situations where skills are wasted.

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