Honkai: Star Rail – Can Jing Yuan (100% Crit Rate and 200% Crit Damage)

Can Jing Yuan Easily Achieve 100% Crit Rate and 200% Crit Damage with the Optimal 1:2 Ratio in Battle

Let’s look at the CRIT Rate first. 22% (Trace) + 33% (Body) + 8% (Inert Salsotto) + 5% (Base) = 68%

Without relying on sub stats, Jing Yuan already has 68% CRIT Rate. With the remaining five relics, each providing an average of 6.4%, it is possible to achieve 100%. From a later game perspective, this seems relatively easy to accomplish.

In terms of CRIT DMG, 36% (Signature weapon) + 25% (Trace) + 50% (Base) + (17.2%*139%+22.4%) (Bronya) = 157%

Among them, Bronya’s CRIT DMG is calculated based on 50% (Base) + Trace + Body Relic, and LV. 13 Ultimate skill. This calculation does not take into account any sub stats, so in reality, the CRIT DMG will increase even further in the later stages of the game. (However, there may be some concerns regarding the coverage of Bronya’s Ultimate skill.)

In order to achieve 200% CRIT DMG, Jing Yuan would only need an additional 43% from sub stats on Relics. With an average of 7.1% CRIT DMG sub stat on each of the six Relics, this becomes quite achievable. Even considering the requirements for CRIT Rate, it remains relatively easy to accomplish.

Conclusion: It’s quite easy to help Jing Yuan achieve 100% CRIT Rate and 200% CRIT DMG with the optimal 1:2 ratio in battle as the game progresses.

A rough estimation would be that each equipment slot would require 2 sub stats for CRIT Rate and 1 sub stat for CRIT DMG.

That means if you have a Relic with both CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG sub stats, you only need to increase CRIT Rate once out of the 5 enhancements.

(Certainly, the specific analysis may vary depending on the growth values of the sub stats.)

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