Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Progression Tips

Where to Go After Certain Levels

If you are dying before level 10 your stats suck. Get more Str/Con/Int next time. Make sure you learn and level up your skills.

At Level 10 you should be fighting the snakes or sparring/dueling with the Villagers.

The progression given by the old man is:

  • Lost Forest – 1-15
  • Wolf Valley – 15-30
  • Snow Flower Valley – 30-45
  • Soul Destroyer Forest – 45-60
  • Longevity Tomb – 60-75

From Level 1-40, you can go into any of the 3 cities and Spar with the Dojo Owner.

Afterwards you can spar with Sect Leaders once a day.

You can also fight the Random Encounters and if you do enough they will turn red. They will give far more EXP than fighting Wild Animals.

If you fight enough Random Encounters on the World map, they will eventually turn Yellow and get harder.

Keep going and they will turn Red and get even harder. They get harder but provide more EXP.

If you don’t fight Random Encounters for a while, they will reset back to Blue.

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