Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – How to Rest in Shifa Temple?

Resting at Shifa Temple

Eat some food and don’t train until you’re exhausted.

Also you shouldn’t train your Qinggong up at Shifa unless you have to. It gets you like +3 or your entire Stamina bar. You don’t get anything out of Qinggong until hits 50, and every 50 until 500, then its every 100.

However, you could sleep in the building to the left after the entrance. It is guarded by a disciple, and typically, one needs to be a disciple of that sect to enter and sleep.

But you can simply choose the “banish” option to send the disciple away without losing any points reputation or other. After that, you can enter once they have moved far enough away. It works for all the other sects too, when you need to sleep while you are a guest.

Banish works to intimidate those of a lower level than yours. The high level ones trigger the fight so check with the “Info” command and always quick save first just as a precaution. You shouldn’t have any problems with normal people, as long as you don’t start banish generals or sect leaders.

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