Cities: Skylines II – Traffic Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Traffic Jams at Roundabouts

Using the roundabout creator, I have found a lot of issues with traffic jams caused by cims crossing (even though I removed the crossings).

One trick I have been using is creating a flyover bypass using a single lane highway for going straight ahead. This seems to lessen the traffic at these spots creating a little better flow.

Path Bridge Crossings

I have also tried using pathways to encourage Cims to use when crossing the road. It doesn’t really work due to how long the ramps have to be.

But I have discovered that if you build the path over the road at 7.5m, then create the ramp down to 2.5m the path will form a sharp drop to the pavement/sidewalk at the side of the road, making the ramp need to be a little shorter.


I have also started going back to the old C:S method of manually building roundabouts using highways and other one way roads.

This doesn’t seem to work very well for small roundabouts, but does seem to function better than the game made ones if made large enough. And they are upgradable/replaceable with different road types.

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