Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – How to Raise Virtues

How to Efficiently Raise Virtues

Trustworthiness / Benevolence / Propriety / Righteousness / Courage / Faithfulness

Completing quests, you’ll get there eventually.

Another unconventional method is to buy the books from the bookstore in DaLiang and ChuXiang, each book will boost the corresponding virtue.

But there are specific task you can do to specifically raise a particular virtue.

  • Benevolence: +5 if you give 100 coins to the beggar from the notice board quests. +3 for getting up to 60 affinity with any NPC.
  • Righteousness: Sleeping in an inn for 4 shichen with another party member gets you +2 righteousness. Getting up to 100 affinity with any NPC.
  • Propriety: I think you’ll get +2 per gift, per NPC, per day. So don’t rush to max out the affinity with any NPC by getting affinity to 100 on the first encounter.
  • Trustworthiness: Completing quest on time.
  • Wisdom: Riddle quests from the schools in Daliang, ChuXiang, mute old lady, etc.
  • Courage: Daily couplet quest with Cai Youzi for +10 courage. fight with enemies above your level.
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