Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Best Starting Tips

Starting Tips for Noobs

Quickness is king in this game. If you move 2 times to your enemies 1 time you basically double your dps, or you can move out of range and charge your power up and let your enemies come to you then unload from the back.

Quickness + Speed = Omnipotent!

Swords are by far the easiest weapons to find and learn arts for. HIGHLY recommended for a first playthrough. Do not pick fist, it sounds good but isn’t, and you’ll never find techniques for it on your first playthrough.

Make sure you go to Cross Hill before dealing with the Bandit Camp for a free stat point.

Also Casino’s are a great way to get some starting cash located in the northern and eastern city northern has more money, eastern gives you a legendary inner if you clear out all the dealers and beat the owner but overall less money.

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