Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – How to Enter Both Jiuli Tribe and Melody House

Useful Tips for Jiuli Tribe and Melody House

Can confirm they are not mutually exclusive. The real trick is with Miao CaiDie, I read somewhere that she will leave Lin’an within 3 days upon your arrival at Lin’an. You need to raise your relationship bar with her for her to reveal the Jiuli Tribe location.

After unlocking the WuXian Mountain and when you first reach the South West region, IGNORE Desert Courtyard and Melody House. Go to Jiuli Tribe and marry Miao CaiDie, then only enter the courtyard.

To unlock the Melody House, complete Gu Chingcheng’s quest.

If you mess up the above 3 days cut off, you still have a chance. Since Jiuli Tribe is unavailable, you need to go to the Desert Courtyard. Don’t help either and kill off both parties.

To enter both Jiuli Tribe and Melody House, kick all party members out and then you’ll need to FORCE BATTLE. Don’t engage with the guards, run pass the guards until you’re in a safe distance and retreat. You’ll get a penalty of -2 courage. Everyone will be neutral towards you except the two guards. Raise your relationship with NPC enough and the guards will leave you alone.

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  1. You can kill Jiulu’s guards after forcing battle. For some reason, the men behind them won’t join the battle and the rest of the tribe won’t put you on kill on sight list.

    For Melody, after forcing battle and retreating, you can ambush or disable then ambush the lady guards so they could disappear forever.

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