Heroes of Might & Magic III – HD Edition – Tactics Tips

I know many of you probably already know many of these but here they are for the ones I do not know. All of them I figured out over the years. I do not really watch HoM&M3 videos or look up strategies online. I know no one asked. You do not have to read if you do not like all the reading. Some are for beginners, others for more advance players than that.

Tips for Tactics

One for Battle

At least in the earlier stages of a match it is often a good idea to pour all your initial troops into one hero. Have them fight the battles and have the others act as gatherers and scouts to pick up or flag freed up stuff.

Off to a good start

When you use the One for Battle strat you do not need to make as many recruiting dwellings to get stuff. So instead, it is best to get the village hall (likely start with), town hall, city hall, and capitol asap. That way you are getting more money per day to buy things later. The things you pick up on the map are important but the guarded ones around you can be gotten a bit later.

You miss extra money per day when you miss out on making the money making buildings. If you do not do this already try it out. Here is what you’ll get per week for one town depending on what is built in it. Village Hall 3,500, Town Hall 7,000, City Hall 14,000, Capitol 28,000, Grail Structure 35,000. Wouldn’t you rather have 28,000 after week 2 then two or seven or fourteen thousand? If you can afford making them at all, I highly recommend it asap even if it means no other spending until you get the capitol. Also lending a human ally money to make their capitol earlier would be good if they need the money to do it.

Just Stepping Out

Vs Ai that is about to take a town of yours, even if you are out of monsters buy a hero or two and make them step out of the town and walk a decent distance away. Often the ai will take your town then leave it empty for you to take back especially to attack a close by hero. So 2 heroes is better than one. This can buy time for day 1 to come around or one of your stronger heroes to come.

All Spells

If you have a version with Armageddon’s Blade you can get all spells with 3 things and you should get them. Conflux town, grail, hero with expert wisdom. Just collect enough obelisks and keep an eye out for the grail spot. Secure the area then have as many heroes digging as possible to find it before knowing the exact spot. Have a strong hero bring it to the conflux, go into your current build building there.

Always Home

If you pour all of your best troops into one hero, they have Advance Earth Magic, Advanced Wisdom, and Town Portal Spell then you can possibly (though not always) have that one hero protect all of your towns. Of course there are many factors to the specific situation that can make it not work. Just do not forget about this as an option. One note is that you may get conflicted if you want your hero to stick at what they are doing and where as opposed to going to protect a town.

Iocane Powder

Use a mass spell that could damage your own troops as well but then make sure your troops are immune to it. Armageddon but have fire/energy elementals, magic elementals, fire birds/pheonix, efreets/efreet sultans, gold dragons, black dragons, diamond golumns (95% immune). Or death ripple with your undead vs living, or destroy undead vs the undead with your living. Armageddon version is the best except vs other immune troops or artifacts that stop your spell casting.


I’ve seen people run their troops across the battle field when they have range attackers and can lose no troops by simply harassing the enemy troops with range fire while they keep their melee troops back to guard them. Of course other factors are to be considered. Like if the enemy has ranged units. One strategy is to make all your troops wait until the end of a round. The enemy may get close enough to shoot better or let your melee troops get in the first strike.

Trade with Humans First

If you have a real person as an ally try trading with them before you use your market places unless you have a lot of them.

Utilize Specialties

Do not forget to not just use a heroes specialty to your advantage but go out of your way to make it better. For example: Heroes travel on the map partially by their slowest monster (sort of). So if a hero has Logistics as their specialty, then give them things like fast flying creatures only, level them up a lot to increase their logistics specialty bonus, and equip them with faster map moving artifacts.

They while travel very far each turn at higher levels. (Note that changes in speed only happen the turn after you make them.) Another example is Sorcery as a specialty, then make this your primary spell guy, level them up a lot and get them the best spells, get them elemental magic secondaries, plus equip them with spell augmenting artifacts.

These are some of the best specialties to make your main hero as they level up if you utilize them right in the most to least useful (generally): Sorcery, Logistics, Specific Spell, Offense, Armorer, Intelligence, Mysticism. Maybe a specific monster could be good but not as universally as one of the other specialties.

Many Earners

If you find a witch hut or university with Estates then buy a bunch of heroes, have them learn it, level them up with safe to get experience. Without leveling up that secondary skill they will eventually pay for themselves then bring in new money. If you are doing a campaign and have a witch hut nearby you can reload until you get an estates one.

The Best Heroes For Later

During a campaign you can often get or make a situation where you can keep 1 move from completing the current map. Like guarding the last enemy town with an overwhelming force. While they guard. Have the number of heroes that you can take on to the next map go around and get as good as they can before you end it. Level them up to the max, get them all the spells you can, have them go to all the bonus primary skill boosters, etc. You can wait for weekly random monsters to appear and stack up for experience opportunities for your heroes, or use an alter of sacrifice for the heroes that can get xp from it.

Money Backing

In some situations it is better to only build what is required for a city hall in each and save the money you would have used in building up their dwelling places to recruit more troops from you other ones. Sometimes 1 or 2 very powerful heroes with high stacks of monsters is much more effective overall than many heroes with low stacks of variety monsters.

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