Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – How to Get Skill Growth Items

Where to Find Skill Growth Items

Whetstone / Woodcutting:

Pay the 2000 coins for blacksmith debt rather then getting the innkeeper to forgive it in Nameless Village.

Goose Feather / Fishing:

Get to level 2 or 3 beast taming and give 5 bass to talking goose in Nameless Village.

Strange Pendant / Beast Taming:

Chuxiang city talk to a guy in the inn then talk to the coach man.

Spice Bottle / Cooking:

Recruit the butcher from Dailang trade for the knife to save 10,000 coins.

Bug Attracting Fragrance:

Choose the team up option with poison girl in the inn in Chuxiang City when the fight happens (I know it technically does not double xp but still counting it).

Magnifying Glass / Appraisal:

Saving Smelly Dog from the jail quest.

Mysterious Iron Little Axe / Ambush:

Save the two bandits in the Wolf Valley.

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