Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Lost Forest Treasure & Pink Leaf Tree Locations

Where to Find Lost Forest Treasure

The treasure requires the Treasure map in Nameless Village. Its in a chest behind some breakable logs.

Talk to one of the kids in Nameless village and do his quest to get the Map of the Forest. The Woodcutter might also give you a map if you save him.

The treasure map is in the chest by the Village Elders fence. You’ll need to enter Manual Battle mode and punch some log piles.

Where to Find Pink Leaf Tree

The Pink tree thing is the Lingzhi Mushrooms needed for the Hunter and Doctor Quests.

There are 2 in the forest. They will be on the ground so you have to click on them to pick them up.

The Lingzhi is by the Pink tree hidden in Lost Forest. The other one is on a fallen log by a bunch of Boars. There is only 1 Pink tree.

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