HumanitZ – Fishing Tips

A few tips regarding fishing.

Tips for Fishing

  • Once you have a few bait from bushes, about 5 ish, you’ll never have to hunt for bait again.
  • Once you have a few bait and a rod, don’t bother with traps, the catch per bait isn’t worth it.
  • How to fish efficiently… cast the rod then click the LMB once per second until the line meter is half way, don’t click to fast as it’s possible to catch a fish while doing this.

Assuming you didn’t catch anything reducing the line to half, just wait at this line level. I have experiment reducing the line when the tension moves and I’ve found just waiting at the half way line seems to be the best course of action.

Once you have a fish on the line, click the LMB three times with a half second gap between each click, then say in your head “one Mississippi”, then repeat the three clicks etc, etc.

Turn any Perch you caught into bait at the worktable, you’ll get 5 per fish, cook the other fish.

Hunting animals is far more efficient and also contributes towards fuel creation, I’ll admit I’m only making the effort for the achievements and each IRL day I play I catch 5 fish, so far I’ve got 35.

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