Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Mass Burial Ground Rewards

Rewards for Digging Up Graves

  • You’ll always get 1 wedding stone, it’s randomised between the 10 graves.
  • You’ll get a legendary musical by digging all 10.
  • You’ll also get an ultimate move by getting thunderstruck 5 times.

Open any single tomb, and you will get struck by lighting, get struck 10 times, and you see one great scene and get one ultimate skill. However, you will lose MAX HP for EACH thunder that hits you. I’ve found if you forget your internal skills and remove any hp+ equipment before being struck by lightning you will lose less total hp, at the cost of having to level the skills again.

You get the legendary music skill by going to the graveyard after midnight. Not a single tomb is required, but they will all disappear after that event, which means, after that, event you will lose any other rewards, and can’t get the ultimate skill either.

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