HELLDIVERS 2 – Super Easy XP / Medal Farm

XP / Medal Farm Tips

Pro tip for everyone who wants to farm out medals before it inevitably gets nerfed.

Robot survival missions are a great way to farm medals and XP, all you have to do is clear around a 150 enemies and extract.

What makes it so easy though is that you start at the top of a hill and the AI flat out can’t work out how to get to the top of it.

We have been running them for the past 5 or so hours and gone from lvl8-10 to level 20+ and got 450-600 medals.

Take mortars, orbital laser and the rifle turret and you don’t even need to fire a single shot. 80% of the time we make it out without a single death because the tanks get stuck and all the regular enemies can’t make it 10 meters without being obliterated by 4 mortar turrets.

On insane each run takes maybe 5-10min tops and rewards a shit tone of do and 7 medals.

I give it until next patch before the mission is removed or the pathing for the so is fixed so best be quick about it fellow Helldivers.

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