Persona 3 Reload – How to Create a Good Persona

How to Create a Good Persona

Fuse a bunch, and you have the compendium to recover personas that you use in fusion that are good/you like. Besides money, there’s little downside. Plus, the more personas you have registered in the compendium will also give MC some buffs later on based on how many percent completion you have for the compendium. First is around 30%.

Also, Fusions are generally better than what you get as a reward in shuffle time, as you can get stat bonuses based on social links, and can even have the fusion persona “inherit” skills from the personas used in fusion.

Generally there’s no need to keep lower level spells as you progress. So overwrite Garu for Garula, Dia for Diarama etc.

Try to keep multiple arcana’s in your party so you can equip them before social link events for an added boost. So for example, equip a Hierophant Arcana Persona before doing a social link event with the owners of Bookworm’s.

Just have a few for spells, and then have some for physical attacks and/or debuff/buff spells. Generally the personas with higher MA stats should be your magic users, and ones with high STR should be your physical attackers. Oh, and resistance is highly important. A single weakness can cost you a game over in no time flat.

The arcade at Paulownia Mall can raise a single stat by a few points by paying a couple thousand yen, and a third of a day worth of time. This isn’t super important, but a tip nonetheless. You also can get items that do this, but I prefer to save those for party members as it’s more permanent that way.

Skill Cards are also a very useful asset, and you can duplicate one card a day for free without spending time at the shrine.


Experiment with fusing more, Skill Cards are your friend, and keep a few coverage options (for both combat and social link purposes) at all times.

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