HELLDIVERS 2 – Tips Against Bugs (Lvl 26)

Useful Tips Against Bugs

So me and my brother are playing non stop against bugs, we can together finish helldive difficulty bug missions with “ease”. Here is our loadout and some tips.


  1. Railgun for both of us – it can destroy chargers specially if you break their front leg armor. One thing I havent heard here is how easily you can take down bile titans with them, 3 to 4 shots in the head and bile titan is down.
  2. Guard dog hover – cant tell how many times it saved me already, and great for pointing out where the enemies are.
  3. Eagle airstrike – quick and effective – dont use the rearm, not worth it
  4. Orbital railcannon for me and orbital laser for him, great for quick one shots, laser is great for precise cleaning of the area.


Breaker shotgun, great for all non charger bugs, specially the damn stalker.

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