HELLDIVERS 2 – Energy Weapons Overview

Energy Weapons

Out of the three energy weapons I’ve been able to use, here are my thoughts;


Arguably the weakest energy weapon. It does have a fast reload if you burn a sink, but it’s damage is much lower than it says it is for some reason. If it actually did 300 damage a second as it says, it’d be rather fine.

This weapon suffers against Hunter and Stalker bugs, but has no weaknesses like that against Automatons. A great swap in and fire primary because there is no cost outside of proximity threat.

Shoulder Laser

I love this thing, but it is a bit lacking in higher level difficulties IF you can get a foothold. When shit hits the fan and never stops, you’ll be happy you brought this along to fire forevermore.

This weapon has deceptively long range; You can save allies by putting a laser directly behind them and watching bugs slam into it and get stunned since it’s a side hit.

This weapon seems to deal some damage through armor. Not a lot, but it all helps.

Laser Rover

The best Energy weapon in the game bar none. It might fry you and allies, but it will most likely kill more bugs and Automatons than you do in a mission because it only takes a break when damaged.

Incredibly useful in aiding escape attempts when you didn’t pack a one handed weapon to fire backwards with.


  1. My personal favorite loadout so far has been the Scythe, Senator pistol, and then running the auto cannon with the backpack on myself. The scythe is amazing for clearing little guys and damaging medium enemies at mid-far range, while basically not using ammo. The revolver is basically my, ‘not today’ weapon for enemies like stalkers and the mini stalkers that like to flank you. Then the auto cannon deals with heavy enemies while punching holes in hordes when we need breathing room.

    This is my first Helldivers, so I don’t know exactly what damage works best on what armor. Like if energy weapons do more damage to bugs vs robots. I am playing on extreme and suicide difficulty right now.

  2. I was shitting on them in this game yesterday because I thought they kinda got worse since helldivers 1, but I actually tried them and I absolutely love them… They wouldn’t really be good against bugs or later levels of cyborgs though but maybe illuminates when they get brought In. They make a good supplier build though because you don’t need ammo then, you just carry the ammo for your squad

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