More random things if you already know a bit to the game but if you already played the game a lot this isn’t much new info if you have talked to some people.

Random Tips

Atb Cancel/Limit Break Cancel

If you attack before a limit break or before an enemy’s skill that has an animation, IE Scorpion Tail laser, and your attack DOESN’T hit you gain the lb you would’ve if you had hit effectively doubling your lb gain.

Important note: There is a weird buffer to this game where if you do cast an attack during another animation it’ll cast it after, only noting this because if you try to say use a breach or a ruin with a healer to try to get a little extra atb you will just lose the atb because it is wasted and casts after the animation.

Simplest way to practice this is just like go to a training map and bring Red/Tifa then cast a materia then cancel it with Red or Tifa’s fast lb to see it go up but no atb used. You can also test it on the scorpion’s tail laser if you want to try it with an enemy skill.

Unison Stance

Much more known but if all THREE players in Co-op are in the same stance you will gain 15% more attack in attack stance and 10% more damage reduction in def stance and like 10% more healing. Only if all 3 are in same stance if 1 switch you lose that damage and even def because if you stay in def stance for more than like a second it depletes fast.

Duo Co-Op/Find Random Players

So you can duo coop if you join a friend, you will not gain unison buff tho since it actually needs 3 players.

For finding random players if you are with a friend you will need to hit lobby info in the bottom left and then it’ll find some random players so you can coop if you think you need a third.

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