HELLDIVERS 2 – How to Deal with Bots

Here are few quick tips to turn the tide.

Bot Tips

Ditch the Bug Tactics

Stop treating bots like bugs. Running around like a headless chicken won’t cut it. Use cover strategically and practice your dives to avoid getting blasted.

Go on the Offensive

No need to crawl around. Keep an eye on enemy patrols, strike when the moment’s right, and unleash hell on those metal heads. The quicker you take ’em out, the fewer reinforcements they’ll call in.

Gear Up Properly

You’ve got your favorite bug-squashing weapons. But against bots, you need to switch it up. Embrace new favorites like the Anti-Material Rifle or the Autocannon. Well, they’re pure gold against bots.

Rocket Trouble? No Sweat

Rocket bots got you sweating bullets? Devastators are easy to spot with their big rocket launchers. Two shots from an AMR or Autocannon will send ’em packing. Or, stun ’em with an impact grenade for an easy takedown. Watch out for those pesky Rocket Raiders too.

Their red sights give ’em away in a crowd. Keep moving, use cover, and don’t listen to the folks preaching about going prone. Stay mobile and alive.

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