Quasimorph – Kenzie Build Tips

I have been using a SoH Kenzie to clear most of my missions thus far.

Tips for Kenzie Build

  • Full Glory set + hobo vest or preferably a chainmail to get just enough blunt protection to no-sell basic shotgun pellets & 9mm bullets.
  • Full impactor or Brigand can be used instead of you are more afraid of fire and/or poison.
  • Molotovs, stun grenades and makeshift grenades are your best friends: they are easily craftable and are the best answers to spider/melee quasimorph hordes. Whenever I start a mission I usually grab a bunch of materials to craft during the mission to keep my stocks growing. I just wish we could craft them on the ship but I guess it would be cheesy/overpowered.
  • Early on the Tactical Axe offers a good balance between damage output and weapon durability, but I will still stash it away and use whatever axes or machetes the enemies drop to save up on durability when I have to deal with long missions (3+ floors). A makeshift axe, vibro blade or machete is good enough to chop down wagies.
  • Cutting damage seems to work well on Venus and Quasimorph in general since they wear little to no protection. Piercing however is quite bad however so don’t expect a knife to do well against them. I think Druggur (moon & fuller station) affiliated Quasimorph especially are resistant to Piercing damage. It also never hurts to bring at least one gunsmith box or a bunch of ductapes to keep yout gear in working condition.
  • Weapon wise I have been mostly relying on the Legacy machinegun which is the only piece of heavy equipment Kenzie is carrying: high ammo capacity, workable accuracy in single fire mode, good enough alpha damage to overcome cyborg/medium armour resistance and its burst fire mode can always be relied upon to kill or pain-lock Cutters/Flamers or a lone Quasimorph beast. The Legacy can also be used to just sit behind a piece of cover and mow down enemies during defense missions, but I will still deploy a sentry turret against Quasimorphs due to their high mobility.
  • Against low-tier enemies with only 1 tile of movement, let them come to you, enter running stance and whack them 3 times. Kenzie’s high melee accuracy should compensate for the accuracy debuff.
  • Against Possessed humans/melee Quasimorphs it will be trickier since they tend to have a lot of movement, I’m not experienced enough to really say much more than try to keep dictating the flow of battle and always be stocked up on molotovs/stun grenades to deal with oh-****- situations.
  • Cyborgs are complete pushovers in melee so don’t waste ammunition on them unless you have to. They are very weak against cutting damage and usually die in one machete/axe hit. Just check their loadout to make sure they are not equipped with a magnetic gun before letting them get closer for an easy kill.
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