CULTIC – Survival Tips

Tips for Survival Mode

The first and most earnest advice would be to start on Hard. Survival is much more difficult than most of the campaign since you don’t always know where enemies are or get to choose how to start a fight. I made the game and even I generally play on Hard if I’m just wanting to have fun. It’s a good starting point even for folks who played the campaign on extreme.

If you haven’t already, get real comfortable with CULTICs movement tech. Kickboosting (chaining together jumps and air-kicks), slide boosting (jumping right as a slide ends), dodging, chaining dodges into jumps into kickboosting, etc. These aren’t necessary to S-Rank but they sure do help get you around.

The timer is balanced so that it really only punishes camping. As long as you’re making loops around the map, you shouldn’t have much trouble keeping the timer maxed out. Generally anytime I have over a minute on the clock, I disengage from combat and go hunting for loot boxes. Those boxes always spawn in the same spots so learn those spawns and make a loop checking them for boxes! If the timer is truly an obstacle to enjoying Survival, you can disable it in Survival Options, but this will disqualify your scores from the leaderboard.

I generally use my loot from my first couple loot boxes to decide my first gun purchase. Find some shells, get the shotgun. Find magnum ammo, get a revolver or LAR. Make sure you have another gun by wave 3 when tougher enemies show up.

Find a good 2 or 3 spots that youre comfortable fighting in and loop them. In Graveyard Shift, I like to hole up in the chapel and behind the church, since there’s only a couple of entry points to both. Once I feel overwhelmed in one, I kickboost outta there and either go to my other spot, or loop the map looking for loot and kiting enemies into more manageable positions.

The explosive barrels and lanterns respawn, so use them as much as possible. Place barrels to make choke points and use lanterns to save ammo on heavier enemies!

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