Oil Rush – Tips to Beat Chapter 2, Missions 2-5

I resolved to try and beat this game on Hard Mode. Some of the missions are brutal, but I managed to get through 2-5.

How to Beat Chapter 2, Missions 2-5

2-2: It took me a lot of restarting

Capture the neutral bases as fast as possible. The second the game started, I sent all my jet skis to the production facility just above the start. Once the enemies were gone, I sent most of them to the oil facility, leaving only a token force to continue capturing it. Then I send the 3 last jet skis produced at the first production facility to the oil rig too.

Then I keep moving that fleet and plowing through all the neutrals. After getting the plane factory I split 50% to capture 2 at once, to get the one above and below it at the same time.

Once I got the planes, I send 3-4 planes to capture the Cyan oil facility in the bottom right. That will be enough to take it.

Then the fight really begins. Build up defenses and try to hold against the Blue guy. He doesn’t cheat with production, but he has 3 or 5 (I can’t remember exactly) factories off the edge of the map. You can see this in the Statistics after the game ends.

He outnumbers you, don’t try to beat him. Just survive!

Meanwhile, focus on the objective. Once Cyan runs out of oil, you can start sending forces to wear out their defenses, and eventually take their factories.

I literally lost almost every factory to Blue when I took out Cyan and won the game, I was back to my original base and nothing else.

2-5: Is killing me though

The Tower Defense style makes it sooooo slow that I don’t have the patience to Restart and Save Scum like I did in the other levels.

Normally in Tower Defense, you build up greater and greater defenses as the game goes on. Since the oncoming waves destroy your towers, you’re almost entirely reset after each wave.

So basically the waves are getting harder and harder, but your income remains constant and your defenses don’t really get any stronger over time. I made it to wave 6 after a few attempts, but that’s not even halfway! Yikes.

I think this is where even I give up.

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