The Forest – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Mechanics Tips

As far as mechanics that aren’t exactly well explained but are helpful:

  • You have hotkeys! You can combine an item with the backpack on the crafting mat and assign it to slot 1-4 respectively to set it to that hotkey. Note that the game doesn’t like to reassign something already assigned to a slot so you may have to “juggle” slots sometimes to move something to a different slot.
  • Lighting, or lack thereof for some, is a notorious issue in this game and the actual brightness options in game don’t really do a whole lot. What does seem to help many players a lot more is the color gradient option instead. Test a few out to see which is best for you but the common ones are M131, Texas, or Super.

Survival Tips

  • In combat, “strafe and stab”. If you constantly sidestep them, they often miss you and you can smack them back while they finish their failed attack. Alternatively, if melee isn’t for you, a headshot with any bow and any arrow is an instakill on the regular cannibals. strafing can still help you avoid getting hit while using a bow but it can be a rough learning curve to get the hang of aiming the bows in this game correctly and consistently, especially while both you and your target are actively running around.
  • Meds and armor can also be hotkeyed. The armor will help prevent you from taking damage in the first place while the meds will heal it once you are already hurt. Note that meds do not cure infections; and that armor operates like temp HP, where it has it’s own health pool that is hit before the players health instead of it reducing a set percentage of incoming damage.
  • Food and water are absolutely everywhere, even on hard. Mostly you just have to get used to where everything is and what is actually available to you. Like a surprising amount of even more veteran players don’t know that there are oysters you can eat, or that crop plots built in caves can grow mushrooms instead, or that you can hold the old pot in your hand during rain and have it fill itself after a few seconds.
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