Take Me to the Dungeon! – Winning Deck Build Guide

Guide to My Deck Build

I stopped getting hard-walled for the most part just from Aura abuse. Was able to clear every section of the game within 2 attempts at most.

I think my deckbuilding can only be described as ooga booga brainrot since I spammed 1-costs and didn’t think too hard on what runes would work best.

One thing that did help was me aggressively going after Treasure Chests/Shops for certain relics. Another was purposely leaving one card in my hand and passing turns so that Poison/Burn would damage the enemy further in case I was running low on cards.

The Build

The deck I beat the game with:


  • Fireball: ATK III, ATK III, ATK III, Utmost Rune
  • Magic Missile: ATK III, ATK III, ATK III, Posteriori
  • Bloodseeker: ATK III, ATK III, Posteriori


  • Armor Penetration: ATK III, ATK III, ATK III, ATK III
  • Morale: Recovery III, Recovery III, Recovery III, Utmost
  • Unsheathed Slash: ATK III, ATK III, ATK III, ATK III
  • Sever: ATK III, ATK III, ATK III, Innate Rune


  • Poison Strike: ATK III, ATK III, ATK III, Posteriori


  • Defense: DEF III, DEF III, DEF III, Utmost
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