Winter Memories – Guide to Basics and Secrets


Sorry, this is already a lot to read, but the game is different in many parts and more complex compared to the prequel.

I assume you played Summer Memories, so I’ll explain a few differences first. There’s no homework bar anymore, but you still need to play minigames or go fishing for certain events to progress the girls. Those cases will be mentioned in this guide.

Affection still goes like in the previous game. Once affection of a girl hits 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 you need to see an event with that character before you can progress.

There is now a mood bar, which is only shown while chatting with someone. For the most part mood isn’t that important, but the higher their mood the more affection you get from chatting. Some events need a certain mood value, this will be mentioned in this guide.

The biggest impact of mood is with your uncle. Of course he is still there and notices sounds and this time cum stains too. This will raise his vigilance and once it hits 100 it’s game over for you. Giving him gifts or some other activities, like chatting, can lower his vigilance.
Here comes the part about mood. If you manage to raise his mood to 100 he won’t be at home the next day until evening (20:00). But this becomes insignificant once you have the silence and clean up skills, so I suggest to get those first.

No more action points needed for activities, everything you do will consume time instead. The time periods are:

  • Morning from 08:00 to 11:59
  • Afternoon from 12:00 to 15:59
  • Dusk from 16:00 to 18:59
  • Evening from 19:00 to 22:00, with Nightwalker skill until midnight
  • Late night (if you have the Nightwalker skill) from 00:00 to 03:00
  • Reaching 03:00 will automatically make you go to sleep.

Many events will no longer move you automatically to the next time period but will just consume some time, so you can have multiple events during morning for example.

Doing things will now give you XP, each 100 XP you will level up. Leveling gives you small upgrades on lust and stamina, plus you can choose one additional bonus out of four. More max lust, more max stamina plus refill, 50 memory points or 2.000 Yen.

And the most important thing for all you horndogs out there…

You can have sex with the main girls right from the start. The side girls still need to reach a certain affection level first.


You can get one random item each day from every fridge in the game.

There’s a secret shop in Kagami’s and Mizuki’s apartment building, apartment 102, which sells a lot of very rare and useful items. It’s only open during late night, so you’ll need the nightwalker skill.

You can also buy stuff you may have missed, like the 1st prize of ring toss or target shooting on the festival. Of course those will only be available in that shop after the festival.

Once you got all 30 panties from the girls, plus the underwear of your uncle and Mentai, you can get more revealing panties for the girls from the gacha machine in the candy store. Getting all of them will cost you 20.000 Yen though.

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