GTFO – Duo Tips

Tips for Duo Play

Close a door and mine it. When the door is breached, most enemies behind it will get blown up.

Use foam to reinforce a door. Buys you time before a door is broken, allowing more enemies to be taken out with a single mine.

Sleepers respond to flashlights, footsteps and other sounds. When they pulsate, it is your final warning before they wake up.

That’s like 70% of what you need to know to do ok in this game. The rest is good old gitn’ gud.

Bonus Tip

I’m not a duo master or anything, but from what I heard you can get away with a lot by just bringing 2 burst sentries and funneling enemies into a single corridor (intentionally leaving doors open to force enemies to go that route and closing off all others).

  • Enemies will shred most enemies and the rest you can shoot yourself.
  • Similar strategy is even used in solo with a single sentry.
  • And then just… Use good guns you’re comfortable with.

Carbine and HEL Revolver are both top tiers of mains, while machine guns, Pump Action and Combat Shotgun are the top tiers of specials if you get used to them.

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