Company of Heroes 3 – DAK Tips for PVE


Panzergrenadiers, despite their bolt-action rifles, are actually more oriented to close range than other rifle squads. Unless you’re fighting dedicated assault troops with SMGs (e.g. sappers, rangers, etc) you want to get them close. This is doubly true against UKF Infantry Sections; unlike almost every other infantry squad in the game, infantry sections have a flat damage profile – they do extreme damage at long range, but gain no additional damage for closing the distance.

Similarly with panzergrens, the Combined Arms buff is extremely powerful. For that reason alone getting an early 250 halftrack and keeping it near your pgrens works great.

Most important, CoH is a game about keeping units alive and preventing the enemy from doing the same. If you’re at a disadvantage for one reason or another, and you’re likely to lose more units than you kill in a fight, don’t engage. By design, CoH factions have power spikes at different parts of the match. For example, USF can get a quad .50 cal halftrack out at a time where DAK really doesn’t have a good answer – if they do, you just want to play more passively until you get your own powerspike (e.g. a flakvierling or early 8rad).

It’s been a bit since I’ve played DAK, and I play PVP more than vs AI, but I’ve usually done the classic pgren -> 250 -> pgren starter. In the latest patches, rushing for a Flakvierling is pretty popular because, relative to the time it comes out, it’s incredibly oppressive (though squishy so don’t over commit).

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