Company of Heroes 3 – Tips for USF

USF Tips

  • Ignore t1 completely, riflemen are trash until they get double BAR which comes out very late and is a big investment, you’ll lack AT as a result.
  • The truck is useless since it can’t cap until it hits vet 1. It does okay damage but it will die almost instantly to a faust.
  • The mortar is good but again you’ll lack AT because of the t1 investment.

Rush T2 instead and get a med truck and mg to support your paratroopers or SSF commandos. You won’t have much of any infantry until about 3-4 minutes in, this is by design for the USF. You also won’t have much AT, but the bazookas can kill light trucks/half tracks if they stick around. You can get a t76mm half track if you support it with bazookas, but don’t rush it in, it loses to the cheaper marauder 100% of the time. Just use it to keep back their 8rads. If they have planes get an AA as it’s one of the best in the game and pretty much the only thing USF excels at currently.

  • Ignore t3 again. m8 greyhound will come out too late to be of much use and the fuel investment here will prevent you from getting the much needed shermans.
  • AT gun is good, and useful, it’s your only solid AT to this point, but if you waste resources here you’ll be fighting much heavier tanks with them, which you’ll need about 4 or so of.
  • m24 chaffee is alright, it can go against the 8rad but again it’s a terrible investment and is weak against infantry, by this point they will have 2 or 3 shrek squads that will destroy it almost instantly.
  • After skipping half of your tech tree you should be able to field t4 shermans or hellcats at around 10 or 12 minutes. Try to work your way up to 3 or 4 of them and use them defensively until you can make a push on their flank.
  • Don’t get the whizbang, it’s useless and an expensive investment with no range.
  • Don’t bother with the easy 8, it is an overpriced sherman that comes out far later. It has a slightly better gun and slightly more health for nearly twice the price.

Don’t try to kill anything above a halftrack with bazooka squads, their penetration chance is extremely low from the front and it typically takes 10 rockets to kill most normal tanks. Don’t bother with vehicle satchels unless the tank is stationary and unaware of you. You’ll just waste munitions if you can even get it off and it won’t damage/slow the tank down enough to kill it.

  • And do not chase tanks with bazookas. They will do massive damage to you as they retreat and you won’t be able to hit them.
  • Don’t play 1v1 as you’ll need a british ally to provide proper AT such as the 17 pounder for late game.
  • If they field a tiger tank do not try to attack it from the front, the only thing that can penetrate its armor as USF is an HVAP hellcat. Flank it with 3 or 4 shermans/hellcats and try to outrun its gun. You will probably lose 1-2 shermans unless you catch them completely out of place without support.
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