Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – Mangudai Madness Tips

Tips for Mangudai Madness Challenge

Before you start it

  • First, learn how to play this game (play ranked games, search tutorials, build orders).
  • When you have improved, you will be able to pass this challenge without problems.


Its mostly about kiting, while not running too much.

Like the above said, you might be better off getting more comfortable with the game first, but the challenge might be able to help you get used to using archer units at any rate.

What you’re supposed to do is shoot and run away to maximize your damage while minimizing damage taken.

What makes archer units(especially very mobile ones like cavalry archers) is the fact that they can safely attack, flee, and then attack again.

If you play against the AI and increase the difficulty level when it starts to get too easy, you’ll gradually pick up on things like trying to preserve your units, kiting with them, and so on.

Learn to split your Mangos into 2 group, one for bait and another for output dps. Noted that sometimes the role will be switched due to enemy target changes, or even both team as dps output.

Priotize tricking enemy into going North West, North East, South East, South West.

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