Company of Heroes 3 – How to Counter Axis Tanks (Early Game)

Early Game Tips to Counter Axis Tanks

Its not too bad if your counting on it.

Get 2 squads upgraded with the boys AT rifles, the sticky grenades are not really reliable as a decent axis player will do everything he can to keep his tanks away.

That should help for a little while but not long, try to get bazookas out asap or tech to guards infantry.

The boys AT will hold off light to med till then, a field gun will also hold them off but thats all you can do until you get aggressive power units.

Keep the mentality “hold them off” while trying to inflict casualties on the infantry.

Very early on you can upgrade one or two of your soldiers with the anti-tank rifle.

That will scare away any early vehicles and they can be used on the tanks later.

Also get the anti-tank grenades, which you can get very early.

Beyond that, build the tier 2 & 3 buildings and bring out tanks yourself, and anti-tank guns.

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