Company of Heroes 3 – How to Beat Axis

Destroying Axis

Destroying Axis can be done by killing and taking any MG you come across, that sets them back pretty badly. Furthermore destroy armor viciously on sight.

They can repair a damaged vehicle but a destroyed one is a huge loss of early fuel resources. (That’s the secret no one wants you to know, actually losing units early on loses you the game)

The same applies to you so retreat your units before they’re killed. For infantry you want to do this not only to conserve manpower but more importantly to conserve their veterancy Experience. Veteran units wreck regular units all day any day.

How to kill MGs? Honestly I don’t have much trouble just rushing a Grenade or 2 on them, maybe move a cannon fodder unit in first to attract most of the suppression (sorry starting engineers). – Build an MG of your own early on too.

Early armor, AT grenades and build an Early AT gun and keep it safe behind the bulk of your units.

My starting strategy is typically:

  • Send starting infantry to cap
  • Build 2 basic Infantry, send to cap immediately upon production
  • Merge all of my units to push the expected center focal point(s)
  • By this time I’m building MG units/AT guns
  • Retreat at any point where my units might die, avoid losing an entire unit at all costs.

If I retreat my frontline I need to quickly move my MGs/AT guns back before they’re overrun.

If I’m playing well I can predict when I don’t have the upper hand and will move my units back rather than a full retreat back to base waiting for that first MG/AT gun/Medical Half-track to back my units up just as the enemy begins their expected push.

Get an healing half-track out as early as possible btw.

After this point I can usually relax and bring out my first Anti-Tank vehicles and the game is basically over, you want to aggressively push the enemy points from the start until the end to starve them of resources.

PS: Learn some of the basics of RTS games like grouping units by number (1 for my main infantry, 2 for either auxiliary Infantry or MGs, 3 for tanks, 4 for Anti-Tank units, 5 for support, 7 for Arty is what I normally do).

Que your actions, for example at the start send your starting unit off to cap 4-5 points in a row so you can ignore him for a little while and he’ll complete each task in sequence, do the same for various other things such as repairing a row of vehicles and so on. Stay aware of what’s happening at all times, when you’re new it can be easy to neglect a portion of the map where you might have a unit just standing in the open doing nothing but soaking damage until you hear “We’ve lost a unit” bla bla bla which is a rather rude way to find out that you forgot about something.

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