Company of Heroes 3 – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips to Become a Good Player

  • Anticipation – always prepare for armor before it hits you.
  • Plan, but be flexible – have a BO on mind you want to follow, don’t float resources, be ready to change your plan if opponent surprises you with something.
  • Awareness and micro – don’t focus too much on one engagement, because you might get squad wiped for free in another one.
  • Use tactical map, quick overview of what’s happening everywhere at the moment allowing you to react fast.
  • Pay attention to audio ques, grenades and arty are being called out before they his, dodge them.
  • If some BO counters you always, play that faction and use that BO, see what is used against you to counter it to get an idea.
  • Don’t overextend – getting that squad wiped is not worth losing something more expensive in return.
  • Don’t overextend 2 – staying in obviously lost engagement if no other unit is on the way who can turn it around, when you can’t deal more damage than you suffer leads to you bleeding when you don’t need to.
  • Knowledge – know what all factions and battlegroups are capable of, so you are not surprised by a unit or ability you usually do not face.
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